Handcrafted To Order

Our workshop uses the latest technologies to efficiently cut and shape solid wood. Then skilled hands take over. One builder at a bench with only their tools and touch will craft the piece to your specifications.

Expertise In Solid Wood

In the old days woodworkers were called joiners for their skill at joining wood using miters, dovetails and other techniques. Those skills live on at Caperton Furnitureworks and are further enhanced with modern finishing and catalyzed lacquers to protect against moisture and are over 99% free of VOCs by the time they leave our finish room.

Photo of worker finishing wood

The World’s Finest Hardwoods

Within a day’s drive of our workshop grows the world’s finest material for crafting solid wood furniture. The high-elevation forests of the Appalachian Mountains produce Maple, Cherry, Ash, White Oak and Walnut unmatched for their tight grain, long life and natural beauty. This is the only material we work with.

Photo of workers selecting hardwood

Dedicated Stewards Of The Forests

The company is proud to be a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and a leading voice for environmental responsibility in the furniture industry. It’s through all of our efforts that the forests supplying our raw materials have more trees than a century ago.

Photo of tree-filled landscape

Proudly Made In West Virginia

Quality woodworking and pride in craftsmanship are generations-old traditions in Berkeley Springs. Your furniture is made by people who care about what they do, and care for the community where they live and raise their families.

Our Story Is An American Classic

Tom Seely came home from WWII and opened an antiques store. A marriage, a couple of moves, some growth and five decades later a 29-year-old West Virginia native Gat Caperton bought Tom Seely Furniture. Gat had a vision of transforming the old workshop into an efficient, modern operation that would showcase the remarkable human and natural resources of his native West Virginia. And here we are 25 years later.

Photo of vintage truck and Tom Seely

Drop Us A Line, We’re Friendly

We welcome contract manufacturing inquiries and visits to our Gat Creek website.